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“Be regular and orderly in your life like a bourgeois, so that you may be violent and original in your work.” (Flaubert)

The creative process has always fascinated me and (along with reading bios) one of the first questions I ask those who produce good work consistently is when and how they do so.  Some answer generously, many are vague or respond with a clever joke.

Enter Daily Routines, how writers, artists and other interesting people organize their days.  (more…)

UK artist  Adrian Johnson has a unique and strongly identifiable style.  Keep Reading…

Where do you draw the line?  One could begin here.

But actually referring to Hull’s delightful selection of colorful pencils, markers, soft and hard pastels and compressed charcoal.  And what they create: details and vibrant tones, ambiguous shadows and images.  I often favor drawings over paintings for their intelligence and intimacy, authenticity.


Title get your attention?  Retail blogs are a hard sell.

Though share similarities: Offer books or magazines with pictures, satisfy a sense of purpose or objectification, employ people intimately familiar with products (not to mention all provide, “Tools for the Imagination”).
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“Art consists of limitation. The most beautiful part of every picture is the frame.” CK Chesterton

Are we that good?  Or simply convenient.  What actually makes a “great framer”  anyway?
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