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Hull’s attracts many of the area’s (one could say world’s even, given our proximity to Yale’s renown schools of Art and Architecture) premier artists. For the person who loves art it makes the store a great place to be; (more…)

1.  See Arcadia: Spectacular set design (Hull’s has long supplied Yale Drama’s Set Design department, a few of whom worked on Arcadia), (more…)

Art Students League

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On a related note to that last post:  Cartoonist/Teacher Chuck Dillon on the 16 Kinds of Art Students he encounters (more…)

Hull’s attracts customers as diverse and interesting as the city it resides in.  I’m always curious about what people come in for and especially, why.  So I may do  little posts about it from time to time.  Thanks to the lovely people below…

Marcy Stovall: The Bohème Lawyer


Lives in New Haven, shops at store weekly.

Buying today: Strathmore paper… “The Best.”

Creates visual journals and books for friends filled with poems, stamps, anecdotes, dried flowers,  lyrics,  fabrics, photos, mementos.


Familiar with the glass creations of Dale Chihuly?   No you say?  You may know them without really knowing. They’re glistening all over and have herds of  followers.

The Seattle-based glass artist’s surreal large-scale forms, light fixtures, orbs, flowers, pointy icicle towers — have wowed people all over the world. (more…)


Late to bed, early to rise, work like hell and advertise! Ted Turner

The most powerful influence on my art was the horror of having to work in a bank or an office, and desire for a free and creative life. Frank Auerbach

Surprise!  Artists are not destined to be poor. If you’re an artist you can make enough money from your art to support a career.  Most artists fail not because they lack talent or drive but because they don’t know how to represent themselves or build a customer base. (more…)