Art supplies & cupcakes? Hull’s would like to entice I mean invite you…

Posted: May 9, 2011 in Art History, Art Supplies, Special Events, The Store
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Please join us for one of Ampersand’s famous Panel Painting demos!  On Friday May 13th, between 3:30-4:30PM Hull’s will host an in-store demonstration of Art Panel Painting.  Free and open to all.

Learn from Ampersand expert and artist Dana Brown.   Dana will give a hands on presentation,  share new and innovative techniques, talk about the historical importance of panel painting and advantages of using.

The 60 minute session will cover all aspects of  panel painting supports,  including Claybord, Aquabord, Gessobord, Scratchbord, Pastelbord and Artist Panel.  Dana will use visuals and examples with quick demos for all.

Panel Painting is one of the hottest trends in the art world today–yet the tradition dates back centuries.  The earliest examples are estimated to have been painted in 6th century BC by the Egyptians.

Its construction and preparation was laborious. The wood was coated with a mixture of animal skin and resin then covered with linen. Once the surface dried, layers of marble dust, eggs and water would be added. Later it was sanded for hours into a finite smoothness.

Ruben's Landscape with Rainbow, 1636 Panel Painting

In the beginning of the 15th century oil painting was developed and became the medium of the day.   Rubens, Vermeer, Rembrandt (and before them DaVinci) all worked on panels. Such paintings were created with a tedious layer over layer methods that resulted in a spectacular luminosity.  This often took days to achieve.

One of the most famous panel paintings, Jan van Eyck's Ghent Alterpiece, 1432

We are fortunate to have modern panels now (minus the labor in creating them). If the masters had Ampersand’s technology they would have used the company’s products for their meticulously prepared works. They stand the test of time, easy to work with and a pleasure to paint on.

Ampersand wood panel

About the Presenter:

Host Dana Brown. While we can't promise dancing--it will be fun.

Dana Brown holds a degree in painting from the University of Northern Iowa and his work has been shown extensively throughout the US.  He’s held presentations and workshops nationally and internationally on the topics of art materials and technical issues concerning artwork.

The company:

Ampersand has been premier supplier of  artists’ panels for nearly 20 years. They offer the finest selection of surfaces and compositions. Their respect and success comes from developing materials that ensure your art is preserved and protected.

Likewise, Ampersand’s products do not harm the environment or artists who use them. Their panels are made from FSC certified forest materials, the highest environmental standard for the protection of wildlife, plants, soil and water.

Hull’s is launching an environmentally safe products initiative and Ampersand definitely gets the “Green H” seal of  approval.

Refreshments will be provided along with  samples of Ampersand products–and yes free cupcakes for the first 20 attendees (provided by Atticus Bakery).

It’s going to be a lively, warm and informative session for all. Also a great way to meet fellow artists. Hull’s staff will take part in the training sessions as well. Hope to see you there!

Hull's heart Art supplies & cupcakes. Join us!

You can explore the possibilities by visiting to see the wide range of premium art panels Hull’s carries (Claybord, Gessobord, Hardbord, Aquabord, Pastelbord, and Scratchbord), along with accessories, kits and instructional items available.

Also visit their marvelous Flickr Gallery to see how well-known artists are employing Ampersand products in inventive and exciting ways.

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