Observe or Imagine…

1. Yourself~or what you feel

2. Your dog
3. Your cat
4. Other people’s dogs
5. An Owl
6. Bicycles
7. Neighbor cats
8. Your body (or another’s–um, be careful; )
9. Your husband
10. Your wife
11. Your best friend
12. Your parents
13. Your relatives
14. Your kids
15. Other people’s kids
16. Your bed
17. Favorite tv show
18. The people who pass you on the street
19. A chair
20. A table
21. Lamps
22. Your cup
23. Your plate
24. Your cutlery
25. A Movie
26. The fan that creaks
27. Book covers
28. Food
29. Desserts (different category altogether)
30. What you’re wearing today
31. What you wore some other day

32. A commentary on politics
33. A joke you heard
34. A quote you love
35. That new pair of shoes
36. Your hands
37. Others’  hands
38. Or feet
39. Your favorite pencil
40. Tools
41. Your favorite place
42. Bathroom fixtures
43. Your bathroom lotions and potions
44. Kitchen appliances
45. Pots and pans
46. butterflies, toads, spiders
47. Birds
48. Flowers
49. Trees
50. Vegetables
51. Grass
52. Your purse
53. Scarves
54. Boxes
55. Animals that are imaginary
56. Animals that are real
57. Monsters
58. The inside of your house
59. Your favorite buildings
60. Your favorite people
61. Things you’d like to see
62. People you haven’t met yet
63. Your dreams
64. Every Holiday
65. What you want RIGHT NOW
66. Hair
67. Hats
68. Dresses
69. Shirts
70. Pants
71. Underwear
72. Socks
73. Glasses
74. Shop displays
75. Clowns
76. The circus (or a theme park)
77. Baskets
78. A new invention
79. Your thoughts
80. Your dinner

81. Things that go bump in the night
82. Things that smell
83. Things that fly

84. Things that make you go hmmmm
85. Things you love
86. Things that make you sleep
87. Things that fill your morning
88. Things that annoy you
89. Things that scare you
90. Things that will last forever

What if…

91. You cross a dog with a fish? (or any mash-up)
92. Flowers are geometrical instead of organic?
93. You can only hear instead of see? How will your work turn out then?
94.  You dream in stills?
95.  You can fly? What will you see?
96.  Gravity was turned on its head?
97.  What if you took a different path in life?How would you see things?
98.  What if you woke up one day with no recollection of the previous day?
99. What if everything was made out of jello?
100. What if you could see into the future?  What do you see?

Draw something beginning with every letter in the alphabet:


• Draw as if you’ve just seen your subject for the first time.
• Let your hands do the talking – imagine your line conversing with the paper.
• See patterns in everything. Color, dots, lines and motion!
• Look up. And down. Often. Not everything is in the middle.
• Make mistakes,  then some make more.

Tools  (You can find it all at Hull’s) :

Drawing Paper
Graphite Pencils
Watersoluble Graphite Pencils
Graphite Sticks

Pads and journals!

Charcoal Pencils
Charcoal Sets

Colored Pencils

Boards, Sharpeners, Erasers, Cases

Soft/Chalk Pastels
Oil Pastels

Pens & Ink

Drawing Pens
Calligraphy Pens
Writing Pens
Sumi Pen and Ink
Paint Markers
Calligraphy Markers
Fabric Markers
Big Brush Pens

Just Begin…

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