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Helpful Ways to Stay Creative

Posted: June 15, 2015 in The Store

Get a diversity of experience.  Explore new things, new people, new artists, writers, photographers, etc. Review those things that don’t turn you on and why.  Revisit the whole picture and make new evaluations and set new challenges.

22163Daydream!  Exactly the opposite of what your grade school teachers told you.  Let your mind roll over what you’ve seen, experienced and understood.  Let your mind take to new concepts and directions.  There’s a lot of stuff in the brain cells.  Pull out some good themes and paint, draw, write or sing them.

Love doing something so deeply that you lose track of time.   Hours pass and you haven’t stopped to eat (a sure sign).  If you find yourself doing that, you are on the right creative track – you’re in the zone – It’s that simple.

Immerse yourself in beauty.  Saturate on such wonderful imagery that your heart rate goes up.  Nietzsche, the German philosopher, poet, composer, and Greek scholar urged people to live our lives as a work of art.  Seek more self expression from the sensual beauty in what surrounds you.

creativity%20and%20mistakesDon’t shy away from taking risks.  Part of creative expression is taking risks.   Engaging creativity is about making something from an assemblage of what already exists to present it through your perception.  That’s always risky, if you are worried about what others will think of your work.  Creativity is clearly not for the faint at heart.

Look at the world as a warehouse of opportunities to learn and express.  View things with questions—be insatiably curious.  Someone once wrote: “Creatives fail and the really good ones fail often.”

A. S. Pirozzoli