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What Does 80 Million Look Like? (more…)

It was said that these windows, these portals through space and time, presented cities imagined by a brilliant architect whose designs evoke both flood and flight, whose life’s work spans centuries that pass in decades. His is a world where thought manifests as pure form and color, destined to remain unconstructed in ours, though no less real.  (Life Without Buildings).

“Is drawing dead?” The man asked a packed house in Yale School of Architecture’s Rudolph Hall. The room next door for over flow, where his voice could be heard through connecting speakers, was full as well. The audience, silent, some with smug smiles and studied expressions, looked at the man and contemplated. (more…)

Ah the magic of frames, books and art.  Yes frames, that’s right.  I’ll show you why. (more…)

Hull’s has tools for the serious artist, craftsman and hobbyist, along with (more…)

“Art consists of limitation. The most beautiful part of every picture is the frame.” CK Chesterton

Are we that good?  Or simply convenient.  What actually makes a “great framer”  anyway?
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