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“You shouldn’t have to buy your level of  service.”

Ever work with an exceptional person?  You’d know if you had. Unforgettable, they manage to leave a sweet memory or get a laugh from you regardless of the day’s events.  You learn from them but (more…)

Hull’s is an Architect’s and Model Builder’s Haven.  Perhaps this unconsciously drew me to the store–as it does  many. (more…)

Please join us for one of Ampersand’s famous Panel Painting demos!  On Friday May 13th, between 3:30-4:30PM Hull’s will host an in-store demonstration of Art Panel Painting.  Free and open to all. (more…)

Hull’s attracts customers as diverse and interesting as the city it resides in.  I’m always curious about what people come in for and especially, why.  So I may do  little posts about it from time to time.  Thanks to the lovely people below…

Marcy Stovall: The Bohème Lawyer


Lives in New Haven, shops at store weekly.

Buying today: Strathmore paper… “The Best.”

Creates visual journals and books for friends filled with poems, stamps, anecdotes, dried flowers,  lyrics,  fabrics, photos, mementos.