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“I’m the first to be surprised and often terrified by the images that I see appear on my canvas.” Salvador Dali

Dear Hull’s,

When young I was a pretty good artist but haven’t painted in years.  I recently purchased watercolors and wanted (more…)

Hull’s attracts many of the area’s (one could say world’s even, given our proximity to Yale’s renown schools of Art and Architecture) premier artists. For the person who loves art it makes the store a great place to be; (more…)

Hull’s attracts customers as diverse and interesting as the city it resides in.  I’m always curious about what people come in for and especially, why.  So I may do  little posts about it from time to time.  Thanks to the lovely people below…

Marcy Stovall: The Bohème Lawyer


Lives in New Haven, shops at store weekly.

Buying today: Strathmore paper… “The Best.”

Creates visual journals and books for friends filled with poems, stamps, anecdotes, dried flowers,  lyrics,  fabrics, photos, mementos.